About BabyPhoto

BabyPhoto is the leading brand in creative type of photography in Czech rep. It is personalized through the skills, creativity, work and requisites of Vera Zlevorova.

BabyPhoto have one of the best equipped studios in Europe, where everything is adjusted and tailored for the work and focus on child photography.

Due to ten years experience and focus on children's portrait, from abroad as well as from Czech rep., Vera Zlevorova have made child photography into something special of memorable moments and photos.

Our goes and objectives is for all of our photos to tell a certain story. A story that could be passed on to your children's grandchildren and be as a memory in the family for decades.


BabyPhoto have an excellent and well coordinated team of professionals, implementing the latest of technology and knowledge of logistics and technical solutions on Internet.


BabyPhoto is currently on face book and we are very proud about having more than 10.000 fans, since we launched the face book page less than 6. moths ago.


Already we see a lot of our photos, calendars and greeting cards, circulate on the Internet, but above all, we are pleased about being able to capture your special moments.